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  • The dilemma posed by a single & multi-applicable “Verified Digital Identity” - Many companies have been started with the objective of creating a single secure “verified digital identity” which could have multiple applicability. Indeed, some claim to have such a technology already. But it may be sobering to consider the largest such effort in the world: India’s programme (“Aadhar”) to provide all its 1.2 billion citizens with […]
  • Bitcoin and associated currencies: Do they need global regulation? Will such global regulation come into existence? So what? - The last couple of weeks have been pretty damaging for blockchain adoption.  No one knows if the Chinese government’s ban on all ICOs is *temporary* (the cryptocurrency craze needs to cool), or *strategic* (would China like to have its own national blockchain system, not some foreign one that could eventually undermine the Communist Party’s rule)? […]
  • Has Fintech adoption been overestimated? - A contributor on a particular Fintech discussion forum made the following statement: “Had an interesting presentation from one of the world’s largest banks today. I quote: ‘fintech adoption has been overestimated’. They didn’t say what their estimations actually were, but I’d be interested to know if they expected digital challengers like XX to have 400k […]

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