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  • How digitally advanced is your country? - The Digital Evolution Index 2017 ranks countries ( into four categories:   – Countries that are strangely titled “Stall Out” (i.e. the top scoring countries — e.g. Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, and Finland – which “enjoy a high state of digital advancement” but which are considered to have “slowing momentum” – whatever that means); this […]
  • FinTech and Digital Finance - My sabbatical is over, and I have returned to the fray! Though my blog was originally intended to range broadly over the all the fields of business, and may still do so, I find that at present the most interesting and significant developments are taking place in Digital Finance. So, for the moment, that will […]
  • The decline of freedom and democracy in our times - Speaking notes from the talk given by me on the 14th of June 2016 at the inaugural Horasis Global Meeting, in Liverpool, UK I have three questions that I wish to raise with you for discussion: What is causing freedom and democracy to decline – in the West, and in the Rest of the World? […]

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