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  • Quantum Technologies – the implications for companies -   Companies need to have an overview of the implications of the arrival of quantum technologies. This is my attempt at summing up my work on all this so far: 1. SECURITY: The largest companies as well as governments are working on protecting themselves from quantum disruption of existing security systems – whether they are […]
  • Prospects for 2019, as currently foreseeable – and the need for a “Global Index of New Technology Economic Impact” - THE PROSPECTS FOR 2019 – AND THE NEED FOR AN INDEX OF THE GLOBAL ECONOMIC IMPACT OF NEW TECHNOLOGY It is clear to every intelligent observer that, in the next 12 months, global economic growth is highly uncertain, dependent as growth always is on two factors (investment and  productivity), which can be characeterised at present […]
  • Hedge fund activism in the US is like hedge fund activism everywhere in the world, right? - Researchers at Cambridge University’s Judge Business School have asked the interesting question: Has hedge fund activism done in Japan what hedge fund activism seems to have done in the US: driven enduring change in US corporate governance (management effectiveness/ managerial decisions/ labour management) as well as in market perception? Surprisingly, analysis of financial data by […]

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