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  • Is Bitcoin the new religious craze of the 2010s? -   A friend draws my attention to the “real belief system behind bitcoin” which becomes apparent when one asks questions such as the following: 1. Why should you allow yourself to be profiled on the basis of what you eat/ wear/ say on the internet? A Bitcoinist believes that buying things from an encrypted wallet […]
  • Mainstreamed or dead? - 2018 is the critical year when Bitcoin and associated technologies, will either mainstream or die. Last year (2017) was significant because of the mega-bubble in the financial value of Fintech and, more broadly, the continuing efforts to apply blockchain or DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology). I do not mean that such technologies will necessarily rise or […]
  • Are we in the Mother of all Bubbles? - So Bitcoin’s been a bit of a wild ride recently. Not surprising, you may say, since high-profile investors such as Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne and Mike Novogratz have predicted something like $1 million for the price of a single Bitcoin by the end of 2020 – and, despite the recent gyrations in the price, John McAfee […]

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