A world-class speaker, Prabhu has been invited to address distinguished audiences all over the globe, from Japan to the USA, and from Finland to South Africa.

Prabhu has a gift for communicating complex things in ways that make them strikingly simple to understand and remember.

He enables people to see and motivates people to engage in actions that create progress.


Currently the topics for which there is greatest demand are:

* The Challenge of Growth in Uncertain Times

* Overcoming the Institutional Blocks to Innovation

* A Final Chance?: The Future of the Current Economic Crisis

* The Future of Financial Services

* Flying Blind: Strategy and Competitiveness in a World of Global Over-Supply

* New Challenges for Companies (Political, Economic, Social and Technological) in a time of Deglobalization

Thank you for inviting me to the leadership forum which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was a pleasure to meet Prabhu and hear him speak as he’s clearly such a knowledgeable professor on a wide range of issues. Do bear me in mind for any future events as I would be delighted to attend.” – Group Head Leadership and Executive Development, Multinational Bank, headquartered in London, UK.

I wanted to write to thank you and your colleagues for a most enjoyable and stimulating dinner last evening … The food and wine were excellent, but paled into insignificance compared to the sparkling intellect of Prabhu Guptara. His ability to lift his sights, and then ours, to a truly global horizon is remarkable, challenging and, to be honest, a little frightening for those of us operating in a more parochial context. I am sure all your guests are invited to dozens of dinners and similar events, but I suspect that none of them will have regretted accepting your kind invitation to last night’s dinner and discussion. Like me they will all have gone away thinking thoughts that would previously have been unthinkable.”   – Partner, Law Firm.

We have had a tremendous response to this program with Prabhu Guptara, both on the radio and on the web. Listeners find his perspective both mind-opening and practically useful. People from all over the world, and from many walks of life, say that this is among the most meaningful of all the programs we’ve created.
    – Krista Tippett, Host/Producer, Speaking of Faith, American Public Media / National Public Radio, USA   www.speakingoffaith.org

I was extraordinarily impressed and deeply touched by your PBS broadcast presentation on Speaking of Faith this morning
– Toinette Lippe, editorial director of Bell Tower (a Random House imprint) and author of Nothing Left Over: A Plain and Simple Life and Caught in the Act: Reflections on Being, Knowing, and Doing. New York, USA



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