Does the current crisis, triggered by the Coronavirus pandemic, represent a one-in-a-lifetime threat?

Perhaps so, but it is also a unique opportunity for your company.

Whenever crisis-related developments enable governments to release us all to normal business, we will find that attitudes and realities are entirely different from what they were only a few weeks ago – whether in politics, in law, in finance, in business, among clients, in society or among technologists.

That is why, as you know, you need to re-evaluate all aspects of your business.

Core competencies and competitive situation need to be re-assessed, along with the entire vision, mission, strategy, structure, business portfolio, and operations.

This is the best possible opportunity to shed what is not going to be optimal for the future, and to re-focus our resources on the new directions and goals that will help take us to a bright future.

But the time to exploit this opportunity is right now.

A few of us may still be frantically busy putting out fires, but for many of us at least the routine pressures of daily business have been lessened.

So let’s use the opportunity to prepare for what we can already see will hit us immediately after this pandemic is over.

The companies that are best trained, equipped and motivated for the future are the ones who will win.


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